Top 5 reasons to have a “Great British Staycation” in 2019

Much like the popular show about cakes, the lure of the Great British Staycation attracts the attention of thousands of families, couples, and lone travellers all over the UK. In fact, in 2018 alone approximately 100.6m of you opted for domestic overnight trips1. But what is it that attracts the masses to skip the plane flight and instead stay right here in the UK?

The Great British Staycation: Last year over 1.5bn domestic day trips were taken and 100.6m overnight trips.

Thbranches-dirt-road-field-160636ere’s a few obvious benefits to exploring what the UK has to offer, and if you have ever stayed somewhere like the Lake District you will hopefully agree. Now with UNESCO World Heritage Status, the beauty of the Lakes really is unique, and a holiday to explore should definitely be on most people’s bucket lists.

To make things easy, we’ve collected our top 5 reasons for indulging in a Staycation in 2019, so you can make up your own mind:

1.   Location

Anyone who has been on the same flight as a young child can attest to feeling they should have stayed at home, no matter how brief. With long travel times and delays becoming more common, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to ditch it entirely.

By staying in the UK, travellers get shorter travel times, don’t have to exchange any currency, and don’t get that last minute panic trying to remember if you’ve brought the Passports.


2.   Things to do

Surprisingly to some, the UK has some fabulous hidden gems to explore, and many of these gems can be found in the Lake District. At the very least you can fill a few days exploring a new town or village and find out what the locals recommend.

For those embracing the true spirit of the British staycation, we recommend travelling around, visiting places like Ullswater to ride on the Ullswater ‘Steamers’, or hiking around Windermere for some fantastic views and photography opportunities. No matter whether you choose to do some historical town hopping, lake cruising, retail shopping, or just sit back and take it all in – the options are there, and they’re right on your doorstep.

3.   Price

After you’ve got your plane ticket, and dealt with all the other expenses that come with a trip abroad – the price of your getaway can start to mount up. Instead, hopping in the car, or bundling into a train and staying closer to home can give your wallet some welcome respite.

Like with any destination the Lake District has its luxuries, and can be as indulgent as you’d like to make it. With so many options for places to stay too you can try your hand at Glamping whilst overlooking Windermere, staying in a Safari Tent or Hive, or living the life of luxury in a lodge just for you.

4.   Weather

Last year’s scorching summer aside, the summer weather in the UK tends to be the perfect balance of ‘not-too-hot-not-too-cold’ and the wintery blusters make for fantastic scenery and cosy pubs.

Last year saw more hot weather enthusiasts than ever staying put in the UK as temperatures rose and the dad bods came out in their thousands. It goes to show, for those who can’t say no to a bit of Vitamin D, we still have the hot summer sun in the UK, and if 2019’s summer is anything like the one before, then you better pack the sunscreen just in case.

5.   The Locals

We like to moan about our fellow Brits, but the truth is that they’re full of some great local knowledge if you take the time to ask. Sharing a common language is a huge bonus for getting all the best local tips, and maybe even making some friends along the way.

No staycation would be fully complete without the mandatory story of a friendly stranger saving the day – so our advice is to get out there and ask around.


All in all, 2019 is a great year to plan your first staycation if you haven’t already. Our top 5 reasons for opting for a holiday in the Lake District only scratch the surface of why you should save the plane hopping for another day. But there truly are some beautiful sights out there on your doorstep, you just have to go outside and look.

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