Top Tips for Buying a Static Holiday Home

The story we hear a lot about from our Holiday Home owners is the journey that got them to our Park. Although some stories are straightforward, many more voice the trials and tribulations experienced beforehand. There is one situation that crops up more frequently than expected, but the solution is simpler than you’d think.


Picture this, you’ve been browsing shows, webpages, and showrooms for months when finally you spot it – your perfect Holiday Home. As you run through its long list of features and specs you become enamoured with the idea of owning your very own Holiday Home, this Holiday Home. Slowly as the sales person continues with their spiel, the daunting reality that you know very little about Static Holiday Homes, let alone owning one dawns on you.

But what next? It can be very difficult to know where to look for information about the whole process, and what to do once you have bought your Holiday Home. Because this abode will be your home away from home, a safe haven from stress, and will last you for years to come, it’s important to get it right – and there’s a few points you can follow to help you get there.


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Firstly, you need to where you want this Holiday Home to go. For example, our Parks offer a range of location ranging from overlooking Windermere or Ullswater, to being nestled away in woodland, or nearby to some fantastic local attractions. Depending on your favourite hobby, you may want to make sure there is a golf course nearby, or a swimming pool, or a good fishing spot. A full list of our parks based in the Lake District and surrounds can be found here.

You should be aware that certain sizes of Holiday Home won’t fit on certain pitches, so remember to check with the Park once you’ve found your ideal location.


A second home is a real luxury, and making sure it truly is a “home” can be really easy. Just like in your permanent residence, you want to make sure this home is similar and fits in with your habits. Things to consider therefore include is there enough room? If you like to entertain guests, is there space for entertaining groups? Maybe you can’t live without a large kitchen? Or lots of sunlight? All these considerations will help you pick the best suit for you, and make going on Holiday so much more stress-free.


Personalising your Holiday Home is also a good way to put your stamp on things. If you have bought your Holiday Home outright you can be a lot more liberal with the paint, but even if you haven’t there are plenty temporary DIY projects that can add some personalisation to the place. Hanging mirrors is something we highly recommend, as it makes the space look larger, more spacious, and avoids that ‘cramped’ feeling.

The Important Bits

Although a potentially boring subject for some, Terms of Sale and sorting out Insurance are two very important aspects when buying your Holiday Home. The former links to whether you purchase your holiday directly from the Park you wish to be situated, or privately. Often private sale prices can be very attractive, however remember to weigh this off against any transportation costs of getting your new Holiday Home to your chosen spot. If you are currently looking for a Holiday Home our stock can be seen here.

Insurance is also extremely important to consider, as you will want your Holiday Home to be covered year round. Depending on the fine print, anything from the structure of the Holiday Home to its contents can be covered, so it might be worth shopping around to find a tailored deal for you.


Hopefully, if you follow those tips and do your research, you will be well on the way to owning your very own Holiday Home that suits you perfectly. If you are ever unsure along the way though, our friendly sales team is always on hand to help you out and answer any questions you might have. You can get in touch by either calling, or emailing us on:

Tel: 0844 357 0396




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