The Safari Tent’s – Roar or Snore?

We woke up, blurry eyed from the night before of toasting marshmallows and chatting around the log burning stove with old friends. Our stay in the tents had truly been the adventure we’d hoped for, and we were so glad that we went a long for the ride.



Picture this – we wanted something new, different, and most of all quirky for our annual getaway. So we opted for Safari Tents. Initially, I’d thought I’d drawn the short straw, as I climbed into the double bed in the wall – but it was cosy, warm, and gave me a toasty vantage point to watch the madness of my holiday unfurl.

We started by heading out and exploring Windermere and any surrounding nooks and crannies we came across. We popped into little shops that caught our eye, and every now and then stopped off in a cafe or two for something cold and refreshing. We went up a mountain, and came back just in time for tea.

Walking up to our huge canvas tent at the end of the row, we waved to our neighbours for the evening and mentioned how amazing their BBQ’s smelt. The subsequent stomach rumbling quickly found us heading to the Park shop to pick up our own supplies (local sausages and buns!!), before setting up for the evening with some cold drinks and big warm blankets for when the sun went down.

wooded location.JPG

We stayed up chatting around the fire for hours, overlooking Windermere lapping at the shore just off in the distance from our hillside lookout. We all agreed that it was such a relaxing experience as we vowed to make it a tradition and parted ways at the end of the holiday….

The brand new Safari Tents at Hill of Oaks are now available to book starting at £113 per night for up to 6 people. For dates and availability please check their website.


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