Is Glamping For Me?

We’ve all seen it, the luxurious pod in a luscious field of green freshly cut grass, a roaring fire, sizzling BBQs, and a group of friends and family having the time of their life. Glamping has multiple depictions due to the wide variety of options now available to the holiday maker, but is it really for you? We thought we’d put everything in one place and make deciding whether Glamping is the right choice for you as easy as we can by giving a Glamping masterclass, showing what we’ve got, and what it’s like.


1) Downsizing

First things first, Glamping means less space than the average holiday cottage. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘cramped’ or ‘crowded’. Because designers are aware of the limited space, they have to work harder to pack in that shower, underfloor heating, double bed, or kitchen.

The floor plans in all our pods have daily life in mind, and make it surprisingly easy to get comfortable and settle in. Having a compact space also encourages you to get outdoors, and really explore the local area, knowing you have a sunny balcony to return to in the evening for a glass of wine and a BBQ.

2) Base Camp

With a rise in popularity, there are now so many different locations to Glamp other than the classic Glamping field. Don’t get us wrong, the Glamping field is a classic for a reason! Like at Woodclose Park in Kirkby Lonsdale, you get to be at the heart of the action, surrounded by activity and a real atmosphere. It’s perfect for kids, young families, and couples looking for excitement, fun and a bustling scene.

For those who are looking for something more scenic, pods at Hill of Oaks over look stunning Lake Windermere or are nestled in ancient Oak woodland. The Pods and Hives are placed perfectly at Waterfoot for walkers wanting to do the Ullswater Way too.

3) 97 Varieties

Like with anything on the holiday market today, there is now so much choice there is almost certainly going to be something for you.

Of course there is the basic Glamping Pod, but these can sometimes come with fully made up beds and a bathroom, and sometimes they’ll just have the bare basics for those looking for something a little warmer than a tent, without the hassle, and with a far comfier mattress.

There are even half way houses in this big Glamping world of ours with a basic mattress and bathroom for those who’d rather not get cold when they need that late night bathroom trip!

There are now even accessible options for those with mobility issues with lowered kitchens, large washrooms, lowered handles, ramp access and large double open doors. These are fantastic for those wanting a little extra space too, as the accessible component has been made to fir into the overall aesthetic of the pod rather than stick out.

For adventurous types there are now giant Safari Tents sleeping up to 6 people at a time. These are far from your standard tent with four poster beds, log burning fires, fully fitted bathrooms, chesterfield suites, and beautifully open dining spaces.

If you want something different from the traditional pod there are also Hives at Waterfoot Park – a more spacious take on their pod cousins that come with a personal dog and/or boot wash outside!


So that’s the 1,2,3 on Glamping! Now you know the types and locations available, hopefully you feel more confident deciding whether one of those option is for you!

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