How to have an amazing 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully by now the ordeals of the Christmas Work-Do’s and the New Year’s parties have worn off and now the 2020 resolutions are in full swing.


Over the past few weeks, a lot of us at Lake District Estates and the Parks and Attractions have enjoyed a refreshing break at some point or other. It’s safe to say, that although the holidays are always far too short for our liking, the start of a New Year and the reminder of good things to come is nice to come back to.

To update you a little on what is in the works – although we can’t say much yet – we will be launching a fair number of new experiences and products for holiday makers and adventurers alike, as well as getting some exciting new stock in our various shops. We also have some great plans for campaigns throughout the year, and of course, some amazing discounts in the works to get you guys out and about no matter what!

So, to make sure your 2020 is as great as it can be (along with all the usual stuff) we recommend signing up to our newsletter to get alerts for the latest offers and new things coming your way & be the first to know.

So no matter if you keep up with that new years resolution or not, we have you covered for that perfect holiday or experience this year.

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